ENGL 398D – Bonus Material

Here are some games and other things that I think are interesting but couldn’t fit into the syllabus.


Nawlz (Stu Campbell aka Sutu) http://www.nawlz.com/season1/

Interactive comic book/cyberpunk adventure


Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure (Cassie and Ryan) http://ponycorns.com/game.html

Adventure game created by 5-year old Cassie and her dad at a weekend game jam


Façade (Procedural Arts) http://www.interactivestory.net/

Interactive drama, an artificial intelligence-based art/research experiment in electronic narrative


Even Cowgirls Bleed (Christine Love) http://scoutshonour.com/cowgirl/

Twine shooter/browser game/tragic Western


Death of the Augnob (Jake Clover)


Space exploration and weird environments


Become a Great Artist in Just 10 Seconds (Andi McClure & Michael Brough) http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=4987

Art creation tool


Coming Out Simulator 2014 (Nicky Case) http://ncase.itch.io/coming-out-simulator-2014

A semi-biographical semi-fictional game about coming out


Secret Habitat (Strangethink) http://strangethink.itch.io/secret-habitat

Procedural art gallery simulator


Papers Please (Lucas Pope) http://papersplea.se/

A game about immigration and border control


Dwarf Fortress (Tarn & Zach Adams) http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/


Extremely complex, open-ended simulation game


Dominique Pamplemousse in “It’s All Over Once The Fat Lady Sings!” (Deirdra Kiai aka Squinky) http://www.dominiquepamplemousse.com/

Stop-motion animated detective musical


Dream Warrior (Paloma Dawkins & YlangYlang) http://handeyesociety.com/project/the-games-and-people-of-artsy-games-incubator-animation-edition/

Explore surreal dreamscapes


American Dream (Terry Cavanagh, Jasper Byrne, Tom Morgan-Jones, Stephen Lavelle) http://ded.increpare.com/~locus/american_dream/

Make more money, buy more stuff, become a millionaire


Realistic Kissing Simulator (Jimmy Andrews & Loren Schmidt) http://jimmylands.com/experiments/kissing/

Game about kissing and consent


How Do you Do It (Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, Jon Kittaka, Deckman Coss) http://ninasays.so/howdoyoudoit/

A portrait of a young girl exploring sexuality


Slave of God (Stephen Lavelle) http://www.increpare.com/2012/12/slave-of-god/

Night club simulator (seizure warning)


Thirty Flights of Loving (Blendo Games) http://blendogames.com/thirtyflightsofloving/

First person vignette game


Simicity 3000 – Magnasanti (Vincent Oscala) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTJQTc-TqpU

The perfect city


Cart Life (Richard Hofmeier) http://www.richardhofmeier.com/cartlife/

Retail simulation game exploring the lives of street vendors


A Night in the Woods (Amy Dentata) http://amydentata.com/anitw/

First person exploration game with a rich narrative subtext


Depression Quest (Zoe Quinn) http://www.depressionquest.com/dqfinal.html

An interactive nonfiction about living with depression


Gods Will be Watching (Deconstructeam) http://www.deconstructeam.com/games/gods-will-be-watching/

Make difficult choices that determine who lives and who dies


Proteus (Ed Key, David Kanaga) http://www.visitproteus.com/

Explore a musical island


Dear Esther (thechineseroom) http://dear-esther.com/

A mysterious island tied to a fragmented, poetic narrative (originally a mod for Half-Life 2)


Bernband (Tom van den Boogaart) http://gamejolt.com/games/other/bernband/34864/

A city exploration game


Curtain (Llaura Merriglitch) http://dreamfeel.itch.io/curtain

Lo-fi narrative about destructive relationships


3 thoughts on “ENGL 398D – Bonus Material

  1. Thank you for the extra games , they seem very interesting ! Any recommendations of indie horror games (not loaded with jumpscares but that provide atmospheric tension)?


    1. I don’t play a lot of horror games myself (other than Lone Survivor and Amnesia: Dark Descent, both of which I recommend) but I asked my friends for ideas and here’s what they suggested:

      Daylight (Zombie Studios) http://www.playdaylight.com/access.php
      Outlast (Red Barrels) http://store.steampowered.com/app/238320/
      Among the Sleep (Killbrite Studio) http://www.krillbite.com/ats/
      Scary Maze Game http://www.scarymazegame5.net/play-maze-game
      Imscared (Ivan Zanotti) http://gamejolt.com/games/other/imscared-a-pixelated-nightmare/10058/
      Korsakovia (thechineseroom) [A Half-Life 2 mod] http://www.moddb.com/mods/korsakovia
      Neverending Nightmares (Infinitap Games) http://store.steampowered.com/app/253330/

      Also: http://indiegames.com/2013/01/top_10_indie_horror_games_of_2.html

      Edit: The Path (Tale of Tales) http://tale-of-tales.com/ThePath/
      Key to Freedom (MXDash) [Amnesia: The Dark Descent mod] http://www.moddb.com/mods/key-to-freedom


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