Group Forming Discussion

Hey class,

In lack of a message board feature on WordPress, feel free to comment to this post to form groups for the Playgroup assignments.


9 thoughts on “Group Forming Discussion

  1. For myself, I’m currently looking for a group. The games in the syllabus that I’m most familiar with are Pokemon (I’m actually the Head Administrator of the Montreal Pokemon League) and the Stanley Parable (I own the full game and can let people play within the group if desired).

    If you are interested in working with me, please e-mail me at

    If you are curious about the Montreal Pokemon League, I’m more than happy to answer your questions as well.


  2. Hi!! I have a roomate and friend who own every game console and thousands of games on steam! I have played pokemon and im interested in the stanley parable and i also work at indigo and have access to mangas, comics and books to help research! Let me know if i can join you guys!


      1. Hey! if you still have some room in your group, I would love to join. I have sent you an e-mail (srajjab). Both games are very interesting, Pokemon which I’ve played for a long time and in my Digital Media Class, we are going to analyse a Gameplay of the Stanley Parable! Let me know, Thanks!


  3. Hello, I’d like to play Gone Home, if anyone else is interested. I own copy, its been gathering virtual dust in my steam library. I think it’s drm-free too, so I’d gladly share. Email me at if you’d like to form a group.



  4. Hello, Patrick Grace and I are looking for a group. Our thoughts are Portal 2 or Left for Dead 2 or any game the group decides on. We are open to suggestions. 🙂



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