An interesting read!

Why the N64 Majora’s Mask Could Not Be Made Today As a AAA Title


3 thoughts on “An interesting read!

  1. Very interesting ! Croshaw always seems to bring up interesting points about the gaming industry, although I do think that it would still be a success if released today due to the fact that almost every new Zelda release is a success based on its well-established franchise (besides I suppose Link’s Crossbow Training). I guess it all depends on what AAA developers would think could work in terms of massive sales, and I can see why the more experimental approach to MM would turn a lot of these developers away from it. The mainstream gaming industry is too comfortable in its formulaic game-making as opposed to releasing anything “avant-garde” so to speak (much like many artistic industries nowadays).


  2. I agree that if it were produced today it would sell because it is part of the larger franchise! It seems the question is how to get it produced in the first place, like how to pitch it to a AAA developer. Makes you think about the value of a franchise doesn’t it? How fans are willing to keep buying into something familiar. From a creator standpoint, why continue to produce the same game with the same cast of characters if you aren’t going to do anything new with it in terms of game mechanics or general story arc?


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