Restrictions within Convergence Culture

The world of gaming has become something that has evolved over the years. With the advancements in both technology and social media outlets people are better able to take the world of gaming, that was once thought to be confined to a console, and apply it into real life interactions and other forms of receptions. When it comes to the Pokémon games, many different platforms can be used to experience the games and storytelling; and it can be played in groups or as an individual player. But how does Pokémon fit into the idea of transmedia and globalization? In exploring examples of the idea of transmedia ad globalization in the article Citizenship and Consumption: Convergence Culture,Transmedia Narratives and the Digital Divide by Thomas Apperley and drawing on some examples involving Pokémon, it will become clear how transmedia and globalization play a role in how our experiences are shaped and how the rest of the world may be affected as well.

Thomas Apperley’s article Citizenship and Consumption: Convergence Culture,Transmedia Narratives and the Digital Divide brings up the idea of the effects that trasmedia storytelling has by drawing on other articles written and quoting these in order to drive the point across. In the article, Apperley’s cites Jenkins in saying “He states, transmedia storytelling …may be the next step in that process of cultural evolution- a bridge to a new kind of culture and a new kind of society. In a hunting culture, kids played with bows and arrows. In an information society, they play with information [6].” (Apperley 2). This quote suggests something interesting, it seems that the more we are given the more we are able to get or rather we adapt and evolve with what we are given. In most cases when playing a game you need to have the console or some sort of medium or materials in order to be able to play the game. Depending on the game being played, many different platforms can be made available and in some cases there are specific restricting games that can only be experienced through one medium. What Apperley then draws on is something even more than simply the restrictions caused by games, but rather the restrictions within certain societies. Apperley uses the example of Venezuela in his article to draw on the effects that transmedia and globalization has on this society. Taking Pokémon as an example we can see that there can in fact easily be an exclusion in the accessibility. Pokémon’s main slogan is something along the lines of “got to catch them all”, this in combination with the fact that there are many different mediums in which information about the characters and storylines created can be experience means that in order to be able to fully experience the full effects of the Pokémon craze, one must be able to have access to all of the different platforms involved. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world has the means to experience these different aspects of the games, thus leaving them with an incomplete puzzle.


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