Different Fits for Machinima

Micro Essay 3 by Zack Lorber

There exists a symbiotic relationship between video games and Machinima. The medium diversification creates a mutually beneficial relationship in terms of advertising and additional content enriching detail. Video is also often used for comic effect or promoting entertaining aspects of the games. Machinima in general is the perfect mix of fan fiction and accessible video. 

Created for an audience who can relate to the subject matter to the games they play and easily access an image of what they expect to see. People who play the game, more than a reader of a book or viewer of a film, get immersed in the content of the world in the game. The popularity of live action Machinima is not surprising at all because it not only improves the perceived graphics of a possible upcoming game but humanizes the characters beyond the scope of playing the game. Some examples of such events are Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, Elder Scrolls V ‘Live Action’ trailer plus countless other trailers and trailer discussions.

As games are not constantly released due to the immense team and effort that goes into making one, the phenomenon of Machinima allows for the continued popularity of the games along with an episodic continued anticipation for further content. This anticipation works on both sides of the situation. Games use the video as advertisement and possibly inspiration for what the audience hopes the next game in the series will provide. The creators of these videos allows the creators to inform the game makers what they appreciated about the game, what they want in the future along with simply having fun in their creation.

The platform and easy access from console gaming to apps on said consoles for simplified viewing of Machinima made content. Streaming games on platforms like twitch are only a small aspect of what Machinima on the next generation consoles can do. When the Xbox one came out it included an app called UPLOAD and Upload Studio. This feature along with the Kinect microphone and camera allows players even on consoles to say “Xbox Record That” to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay which, in conjunction with Upload allowed them to simply assemble and share a wide variety of clips with tags that range from ‘Epic Moment,’ to ‘Epic Fail’ to ‘Funny Moments’. This simple idea has generated a massive following amoung the community on that platform. This level of video integration for common console players has never existed before and demonstrated new and challenging ways to play the games.

In conclusion the visual narratives elaborate on lore and hints and easter eggs within games. These spin off topics are an interesting and audience friendly creative art. They are also a form of art that has its own of advertisement in the form of the hugely popular video games that they are based on.


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