Final Project: Twine Game

Zack Lorber

http://file:///Users/ZackLorber/Downloads/Winners%20Better%20Quit.html (will also include USB)

Professor Carolyn Jong


April 15th, 2015

Video Game Project Review and Explanation

In the game I created on Twine, “Winners Better Quit“, my goal was to give the player many options and meaningful decisions. I am not sure that the end result should be described as a complete success. My goal was to create something like “The Stanley Parable” in that I wanted choices to create divergent endings. The other initial starting goal was to anticipate as many choices the player could make or want to make as I could. The two goals proved to be incompatible. If I had created the game in the way intended before the project had begun there would have been over eighty choices and twenty distinct story lines by the time the player made his 5th click or choice. This would be a logistics nightmare and was proving to still be one even after the choice selection was severely trimmed.

The Game isn’t as ‘long’ as I would have liked but there are many story lines and I achieved almost all of the goals I set out to incite in this game. The self imposed guidelines for the game’s creation were numerous but mainly: It is a game, don’t take itself too seriously. This led to the continuous poking fun at the player through narration. Mainly the emphasized lack of backstory toyed with the fourth wall. This also comes out in the brief interrogation.

The reasoning for the themes and actions of the game were mainly a commentary about the player and the community of players. This comes through strongly in the interview that numerous players are needed to complete the variety of the game. Another similar trope that was used is the fact that the game is what you make of it, if the player is not suspicious or wants to subvert the main story path they can be rewarded. Many games provide exposition about the motives of the playable character once the player has already controlled them for some time. This game plays on the fact that the character has the option to create his own name and story.

It was difficult and tedious to create independent stories but it proved to be enjoyable to provide a commentary on the choices and results if individuals creating their own stories and ideals. Human nature was commented on in various ways through ideas about being arrogant and lucky when a player feels ahead. With the threats of having ridiculously dehumanizing amounts of money and the ease of gambling when placed in the right environment. The numerous Puns kept the game light and hopefully enjoyable, it covered many topics with each storyline so hopefully it works as a whole entity.


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